Teddy Babes

  What is a Teddy babe?

The most sensual and unique love doll / adult toy ever created, Teddy Babes offer a variety of special features.



Velvety Plush Body
Unlike conventional love dolls and related adult sex toys, a Teddy Babe's body is made of a soft, velvety-plush material stuffed firmly with non-allergenic poly-fil, which both mimics the silkiness of human flesh while giving the character a warmth and a 'cuddly' dimension that is largely lacking in latex love dolls (blow up dolls), silicone love dolls, and other adult toys.
Teddy Babes   Teddy Babes
There is no need to inflate or use a heating pad to warm up a Teddy Babe love doll. Rather, like any teddy bear or other stuffed toy, Teddy Babes are natural sleeping companions, and are not prone to leaking or tearing, but have bodies that can withstand and recover from an estimated 500 pounds of pressure.
Arm and Legs
Made of the same velvety plush material, a Teddy Babe's arms and legs are designed to be shapely and elegant.
Teddy Babes Teddy Babes Teddy Babes
A Teddy Babe's rear is sexy, round, and squeezable.
Teddy Babes
A Teddy Babe's breasts are full and soft. The nipples are made of the same velvety plush material and are soft, silky and kissable.
Teddy Babes



Teddy Babes
A Teddy Babe's face is not intended to be ultra-realistic, but faithful to her nature as a sexy plush love doll character.
Teddy Babes Tina   Teddy Babes Cindy   Teddy Babes Lisa   Teddy Babes Akiko
Her eyes are made of ultra-realistic printed decals supported by a plastic base. The eyes vary in style and color; depending on which Teddy Babes character they belong to.
Teddy Babes
Lips also vary in style and color from character to character, and are made of sleek, kissable latex rubber.
Teddy Babes
  Teddy Babes   Teddy Babes   Teddy Babes
Each Teddy Babe comes complete with pierced ears and real fashion earrings, which can be removed if the owner so desires.
Teddy Babes   Teddy Babes   Teddy Babes   Teddy Babes
Unlike most love dolls and adult sex toys of comparable price, each TeddyBabe has long, silky hair made from a high-quality fashion wig. The wig is held securely to the Teddy Babe's head by several strategically placed safety pins so that the wig can be removed for cleaning and replacement.
Teddy Babes
Each Teddy Babe comes dressed in a basic lingerie set, consisting of a sexy lace teddy nightie (yes, pun intended), with matching garters and stockings. The lingerie color depends on which character it belongs to. Your Teddy Babe can, however, be undressed and re-dressed with other petite-size women's clothing.
Teddy Babes   Teddy Babes   Teddy Babes   Teddy Babes
A Teddy Babe can be posed in various positions. The Teddy Babe body includes three pivot joints at the head and at both shoulders. The head can be turned from side-to-side; and the arms can be elevated above the head or relaxed at the sides of the body.
Teddy Babes



Teddy Babes
In addition to these three joints, your Teddy Babe’s body contains a highly durable, bendable wire skeleton, which allows you to pose and position the elbows, wrists, legs, ankles, etc.
Teddy Babes



Teddy Babes
A wire skeleton in the neck allows you to tilt her head from side-to-side.
Teddy Babes
Used together with the pivot joints at the shoulders, a Teddy Babe's arms can wrap snuggly around to hug you.
Teddy Babes
She can also, within reason, support herself in various poses so as to accommodate different sexual positions.
Teddy Babes Teddy Babes Teddy Babes
As with other areas of the body, each of your Teddy Babe's fingers possess a durable, bendable wire skeleton, allowing you to form her hands into various gestures, or even to grasp certain objects.
Teddy Babes   Teddy Babes   Teddy Babes   Teddy Babes
Her fingers come complete with plastic designer fingernails; all the better to stroke your chest and other sensitive areas.
Teddy Babes
pvelour Vaginal Insert    
Yes, you can have intercourse with your Teddy Babe love doll. Perhaps the most unique and unusual feature of your Teddy Babe is her vaginal entry point; complete with simulated pubic hair and an ultra-silky plush insert, or as we like to call it, "Pussy Velour." Providing an 'unorthodox' but silky-smooth and highly-pleasurable sensation, the plush insert extends deep into the Teddy Babe's body and is collapsed and compressed by the surrounding poly-fil stuffing, until something enters and causes it to expand. It is, therefore, a tight, compressed space, just like a real vagina.
Insert 1



Insert 2
Held in place by an interior soft plastic ring, the plush vaginal insert can be removed and turned inside-out for easy clean-up with soap and warm water. After drying, it can then be re-inserted and used again. Additional plush vaginal inserts will also be available on our PRODUCTS page.
For those who prefer a more 'orthodox' sensation, in place of the plush insert, your Teddy Babe's entry point is able to accommodate many conventional silicone or latex inserts of comparable shape and size, which are widely available in the adult sex toy online marketplace. Female condoms also work exceptionally well.
Size and Weight
Compared to most love dolls, a Teddy Babe is relatively petite, just about 4 feet from head to toe, tall and weighing less than 10 pounds. There are several distinct advantages to their smaller size and light weight. Unlike high-end silicone love dolls, which can weigh up to 100 pounds or more, a Teddy Babe can be easily manipulated during use, and enjoyed in any number of sexual positions. A Teddy Babe is therefore similar to the light-weight, but "armless" and "legless" love doll torsos and related adult sex toys, which have grown in popularity in recent years because of their manipulability. A Teddy Babe of course retains its arms and legs, representing a woman whose real-life dimensions would be 36-22-34. A Teddy Babe's smaller size and light weight also aids in its storage, making it ease to conceal on a closet shelf on under a bed, etc. It is also a perfect love doll traveling companion, fitting easily into a reasonably sized suitcase.
Acceptability Factor
In addition to being easy to conceal, some owners typically leave their Teddy Babes love doll out in the open for all to see, sitting them in a chair or out on their bed, etc. Because it’s a plush character, as well as a work of art unto itself, Teddy Babes are not typically perceived as sex dolls or adult sex toys, but as cute and sexy novelties; and women especially seem to find them attractive.
Teddy Babes



Teddy Babes
Reasonable Price
For the discerning love doll owner, Teddy Babes are one of the best values in the adult sex toy online market today, comparable in price to any high-end inflatable latex love doll (blow up doll), and dramatically less expensive than any silicone love doll. Due to its affordable price, there's really no reason to settle for just one. Collect them all, and create your own Teddy Babe harem!
A Teddy Babe is shipped to you privately and discretely via FedEX, UPS, or DHL in a large, sturdy cardboard box measuring approximately 50" x 13" x 13" (127 cm x 33 cm x 33 cm). The box will be unmarked, with return address information reading "Eighth Wonder, LLC."  In the event of multiple love doll orders, each Teddy Babe may be shipped to you individually or together in one box.
Eighth Wonder LLC

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