Teddy Babes

Teddy Babes
  What is a Teddy babe?

Teddy Babes™
are stuffed, plush adult toys --the most sensual, warm, and unique love dolls ever created. Remember when you were a kid and used to cuddle up at night with your favorite teddy bear? Well, now you're all grown up, and a beautiful plush girlfriend is waiting to share your bed!

Unlike the classic inflatable latex love dolls (blow up dolls), silicone love dolls, and related sex toys,Teddy Babes™ are made of velvety-soft plush material; with long hair, "come-hither" eyes, and a sexy expression --the perfect bedtime companion; a stuffed erotic fantasy come true. Well-endowed and shapely, and with a number of desirable characters to choose from, Teddy Babes™ are the kind of girlfriends you always wanted to have. Whether you enjoy real doll sex and are looking for a satisfying adult sex toy, or just something warm and friendly to snuggle, Teddy Babes™ are for you. Why hug your pillow at night when you can hug one of these?

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