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Extra Wigs
Restore or renew your Teddy Babe’s coif with extra, high-quality fashion wigs. 

Tina Wig

Tina Wig . $40.00 plus S&H


Cindy Wig

Cindy Wig. $40.00 plus S&H

Lisa Wig

Lisa Wig . $40.00 plus S&H

Akiko Wig

Akiko Wig . $40.00 plus S&H


Teddy Babes DELUXE Products
Please note that all outfits and costumes below are for our larger, Teddy Babes Deluxe models and will not properly fit our standard Teddy Babes.


Long, Satin Gloves (Black) $16.00 plus S&H

Give an extra touch of elegance to your Teddy Babe Deluxe’s lingerie with these long, satin spandex gloves.


Sexy Nurse Costume $35.00 plus S&H

Includes white, stretch knit dress, nurse’s cap, and plastic stethoscope. (Stockings not included).


French Maid Costume $35.00 plus S&H

Includes lace baby-doll maid apron, G-string, lace cap with tie, and stockings with bows. (Feather duster not included.)


Red Schoolgirl Costume $35.00 plus S&H

Includes white and red plaid tie top and pleated red plaid mini skirt. (Stockings, shoes, hair ribbons, and lollipop not included).


Blue Schoolgirl Costume $35.00 plus S&H

Includes blue and white tie top, blue plaid mini skirt, garters, and stockings (Shoes and hair ribbons not included).


Black Spandex and Sheer Knit Dress (Chemise) $35.00 plus S&H

Rhinestone bars across the front, sheer knit uneven skirt; comes with G-string. High heel shoes sold separately –see below.


Swirl Two-Tone Spandex Club Dress (Chemise) $35.00 plus S&H

Sexy opening swirling down front. Lime/Black color. Shoes sold separately –see below. (Fishnet stockings not included.)


Black Stretch Striped Lace Outfit $22.00 plus S&H

Includes sexy ‘off the shoulder’ crop top and mini skirt.


Pink Stretch Striped Lace Outfit $22.00 plus S&H

Includes sexy ‘off the shoulder’ crop top and mini skirt.


Dungeon Mistress Corset Set $54.00 plus S&H

Red/Black vinyl corset with zipper and laces; comes with vinyl G-string. Boots sold separately –see below. (Fishnet stockings and whip not included.)


Sexy High Heel Shoes # 1 $55.00 plus S&H

Beautifully crafted, high-quality heels with rhinestone buckles and bangles


“Mistress” Boots $49.00 plus S&H

Ultra-sleek and sexy vinyl boots with laces.


Extra Pussy Velour Plush Inserts  
Extra Pussy Velour plush inserts come complete with plastic sheath and interior soft plastic ring. 
Extra Insert
Extra Inserts
1 Extra Insert
4 Extra Inserts
$5.00 plus S&H
$15.00 plus S&H


Lickable, Suckable Latex Rubber Nipples  
Add new dimension to your Teddy Babe’s boobies with our lickable, suckable latex rubber nipples.  Please note:  Adding latex nipples requires that you permanently alter your Teddy Babe by cutting off her standard plush nipples and gluing the latex nipples in their place.  Eighth Wonder, LLC is not responsible for any damage caused to your Teddy Babe via this “operation.”  Latex nipples come complete with a small bottle of brush-on Krazy Glue. 
Nipples - Pink
Nipples - Tan
Pink Latex Rubber Nipples
Tan Latex Rubber Nipples
$20.00 plus S&H
$20.00 plus S&H






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